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2014 Emerald Coast Volleyball Week Pictures

Hall of Fame

Recognizing people and teams that have made our events successful.


  Louis Bear Distributing

Louis Bear Distributing Company has been a sponsor of the Emerald Coast Volleyball Week for over 20 years and have been providing us with free Budweiser beer every time we ask and we ask a lot.
Accepting the award for Louis Bear is the famous Tim The Bud Man. 


Steve Connelly &
Christian Warren

Steve and Christian have been helping us out for over 10 years. These two quiet hardworking guys have improved our service to our customers tremendously.




The Atlanta Crew

The Atlanta Crew led by Joe Dinunno have been coming to our events for years. They don't often win, but they love the event and show respect to all.


Dirty Birds

The Dirty Birds from Omaha, Nebraska have been coming to the Emerald Coast Volleyball Week for over 10 years and always display the best sportsmanship and outrageous sun burns!


Bruce White

Bruce White has introduced more people to the sport of volleyball than anyone else and has single handedly built the sport in New Orleans.


Surrender The Booty

These guys have been coming to our events since they were young and look how old they are now. They don't often win but are always having a good time and epitomize the spirit of Fuds.
Lets' win the party is their credo!